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Wheeler Retirement Plans (WRP) knows there is more to sponsoring an employer plan than just selecting an Investment partner. Plans must fit with everyone’s needs, from entry-level to management. We firmly believe there is a  solution for an established business, non-profit, and/or government agency, that is easy to administer, governed to ERISA standards, and cost-effective. WRP offers retirement choices that limit your fiduciary exposure and administration all while helping your employees achieve retirement success. 

Partnering With A

Qualified Fiduciary

As a 3(38) Investment Fiduciary, WRP is responsible for acting in your best interest and is committed to the plan's success.
Investment Menu Design

Participants rely on an investment menu being suitable for both the astute investor and those in their first retirement plan. WRP’s investment selection process offers the most efficient share classes available based on Recordkeeper options.  

Should an employee not choose their own investment, the committee’s primary responsibility is to prudently select the default investment option for their plan. WRP, in partnership with the committee, utilizes the employee demographic data to find the most suitable QDIA.

All investment options are monitored on a quarterly basis through Retirement Plan Advisory Group (RPAG), an ERISA-derived scoring system that is governed by a signed Investment Policy Statement.

Investment Committee


WRP’s relationship with the Investment Committee is a partnership. Our focus on fiduciary education assures that each party understands their role in the governance of the plan. It is our job to document the Committee’s process, providing transparency in plan decision-making.

Employee Wellness


A benefit isn’t a benefit unless it’s understood. WRP becomes a trusted partner in your employee’s retirement planning and will help to navigate their long-term goals. Our customized wellness program aims to deliver practical answers to unique employee questions and challenges.

Plan Recordkeeper


To select the appropriate Recordkeeper, WRP evaluates the BIG THREE: Investment, Recordkeeping, and Revenue Sharing Expenses. Provider fees are benchmarked against all plans in RPAG based on comparable number of participants and plan assets to make an informed decision that satisfies the Investment Committee goals.

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Qualified Employer Plans

Our Focus

WRP strives to simplify the complicated landscape of 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), and other qualified/non-qualified plans so companies and employees are empowered to make educated decisions. Our consulting, implementation, governance, and engagement are foundational to our practice and are recognized in the marketplace.

Ryan Coole, CRPS®

Qualified Plan Director / Partner

Ryan has been a partner at Wheeler Associates and Wheeler Retirement Plans since 2014. As WRP’s Qualified Plan Director, he holds the Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist® designation, bringing broad experience to the qualified/non-qualified plan space, from sponsor to the participant.

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