“Retirement is wonderful if you have two essentials—much to live on and much to live for.”

– Unknown

Welcome to the June Edition of Ryan’s Retirement Ramblings – The monthly newsletter that will bring you the latest developments from the qualified plan space & provide updates for the retirement team at Wheeler Retirement Plans.

On A Personal Note…

It’s always fun to get the Retirement Team out for a little fun in the sun. This past month we golfed (very loose definition of the word golf) in an event to raise money for Hospice Care. As you can see, the sheer athleticism of this group is unmatched. HAHA. Get out and enjoy the summer with your teams. It’s not work when you are doing with people you consider family. Extremely blessed to have these teammates by my side.

How Employers Can Help Close the Racial Retirement Wealth Gap

Recent research conducted by Economist Impact highlights a significant discrepancy between white and Black workers’ retirement confidence. While half of white respondents feel confident about retiring by the federal retirement age, only 39% of Black survey takers share this sentiment……

Boomer or Bust: Charting a Path Toward Retirement Security

A recent study commissioned by the ALI Retirement Income Institute has revealed a stark reality: A substantial portion of America’s Baby Boomer population is ill-prepared for retirement. The study, co-authored by former U.S. Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs, Robert Shapiro, highlights the economic challenges faced by the greatest surge of retirement-age Americans in history. According to the findings, a significant majority of “Peak Boomers,” those who will turn 65 between 2024 and 2030, lack the financial resources to maintain their lifestyles in retirement. In fact, more than half will rely primarily on Social Security for income, which on average replaces only 40% of pre-retirement income, the study reports……

Women Call for Pension Reinstatement and Care Solutions

Many women have voiced their support for the reinstatement of pension programs and government assistance in lowering the cost of long-term care in retirement, given that they face a greater financial challenge.

80% of women have agreed that the U.S. is facing a retirement crisis, and an even larger percentage agreed that employers should be contributing a larger amount to workers’ retirement plans, as seen from the data from Greenwald Research and the National Institute on Retirement Security….

Participant Corner

Financial planners who conduct pension consulting have been pointing out that you can find yourself in trouble when you reach retirement if you’re saving without a goal. Many people have been saving for retirement without taking the time to figure out how much they’ll need when they eventually retire. How do you know if you’re saving enough if you don’t know how much you’ll need in the future?….

Mr. C’s Movie Review

“Knock, Knock……Is Tamara Home?” Let the chills run down the spine when this line is uttered 20 minutes into the latest addition of the horror series; The Strangers: Chapter 1. A young girl approaches a remote cabin at 3 in the morning asking if a friend is home. Creepy; CHECK. Unnerving; CHECK. Run for the Hills; CHECK. The original “Strangers” came out in 2008 and introduced audiences to the notion of some human beings that kill because they feel like it. The newest installment is the first leg of a trilogy introducing true evil. Maya (Riverdale’s Madeline Petsch) and Ryan (Froy Guitierrez) are driving cross country and their brand new car “breaks down” in Venus, Oregon. The local waitress offers up the only VBRO in the town to the stranded couple. Wouldn’t you know it’s in the middle of the woods. Panic strikes the couple as “3” masked strangers terrorize the couple throughout their one-night stay. No Motive, No Mercy. Maya and Ryan were just there. (queue shiver down spine)

On a Scale of “Like It”, “Love It”, or “Gotta Have It”…..I give this show a “Like It”. The original Strangers was billed as a true story that made all of us reconsider cabin living. This film follows in the original’s footsteps and provides plenty of scares but ultimately leaves us hanging at the end of the film. There will be two more installments so of course I’m going to see how this encounter ends. If looking to burn 90 minutes, there are worst ways. Enjoy.