Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out

-Robert Collier

Welcome to the February Edition of Ryan’s Retirement Ramblings – The monthly newsletter that will bring you the latest developments from the qualified plan space & provide updates for the retirement team at Wheeler Retirement Plans.

On A Personal Note…

The end of February signals the start of Playoff hockey. Although Bailey’s (pictured) team did not advance to the playoffs in her Freshman season, the invaluable lessons learned her first campaign will stick with her going forward. Nora begins her regional play on March 1st and hopefully has a long run to the State Tournament. Regardless of the outcome, the end is near and the golf clubs begin to whisper their sweet nothings to me. Ha.

The Gen X Savings Crisis: How Plan Sponsors Can Help

According to a December 2023 Survey from Schroder’s, nearly half of the non-retired Gen Xers, those born between 1965 and 1980, have not done any retirement planning whatsoever. Moreover, they report a savings gap of over $450,000 between what they say they’ll need and what they project they’ll have. Amplifying these concerns, a separate study by the National Institute on Retirement Security earlier……

Steering Participants Through Market Mania

Conversations on market volatility often conjure up nail-biting narratives about panicked sell-offs, as jittery investors rush to liquidate positions to avoid incurring further losses. However, it’s important to acknowledge that market volatility has two faces. And while upturns are certainly more welcome than their counterparts, they carry their own psychological challenges for investors. The intoxicating rush of a tech surge or a post-crisis rally can be as disorienting as a market seemingly in freefall. As stocks soar and portfolios swell, investors may find themselves grappling with a different set of emotions, but the end result can be equally………

Balancing Competitive Benefits in Budget Constraints for Plan Sponsors

It is crucial for companies to regularly benchmark and compare their benefits packages to their peers within the industry in order to maintain their competitive advantage and status. Offering a competitive benefits package, however, can be challenging for plan sponsors due to budgetary constraints; putting an excessive financial burden on an employer or the employee can lead to negative effects on the business, resulting in an increased difficulty when it comes to attracting and retaining employees………

Participant Corner

Strategies for Maximizing Workplace Retirement Benefits

Considering that more than 40% of employers now match employee contributions to retirement plans, taking advantage of this opportunity is crucial for improving your financial security. Even if your employer’s contribution is modest, neglecting to participate means leaving money on the table. Before enrolling in your company’s retirement plan, it’s essential to understand how to optimize its benefits.

Here are some tips to guide you in making the most of this valuable perk:

Mr. C’s Movie Review

I’m going to get this out of the way. The Beekeeper is not going to win best picture, lead actor or score however this movie is so Statham that even the most ardent Statham fans giggle. Jason Statham plays the lead role as Adam Clay, a honey producing beekeeper minding his own business living in rural America. Life is good until a subsidiary of Danforth Industries headed by the superb Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games) scams someone near and dear to Adam’s heart. The film tackles and brings to light the true evil that is going on in today’s world with scams targeting seniors. Unfortunately for Derek Danforth, they scammed the wrong person (Phylicia Rashad of The Cosby Show Fame. Not only is Adam Clay a literal beekeeper but he was a member of the Beekeepers; the shady rogue cliché Government agency used to keep world order by thumbing their noses at those in power. Let’s just say Adam has a secret of set of skills that can only be described as deadly. He sets out on a quest of vengeance and blood ala Rambo (80s shout out) in the name of those that have been scammed. The second half of the movie although far fetched and quite glamorized, is a real treat. It’s rated R for a reason and that reason is that it’s a REALLY good time.

On a Scale of “Like It”, “Love It”, or “Gotta Have It”…..I give this show a “Like It”. It’s not a thinker or nor is it a stinker. Great for a day on the couch or kicking back after a long hockey season of coaching. Shut the brain off and watch Statham’s body count rise.